Light. Strong. Flexible. Corrosion Resistant.
Yeah... that's us.

Fit and Finish is important. Weight is important. Flexibility is important. Cost is important. We build our flat and drop series trailers being mindful to match the features and fit and finish of the market leader, but at a price point that people can actually afford.

Antares trailers are available painted or hot-dip galvanized

Sometimes blasting and painting just doesn't cut it. When that's the case, we also offer our trailers with all of the steel components 100% hot-dip galvanized. We know; it's not shiny and red. It's grey. But red paint now means red metal later. We believe that our customers prefer cashing checks to anything else, and our galvanized trailers will allow them to do that long after the other guys' paint has faded.

Antares trailers are available with Rite-Slide™ suspension

Air ride? Check. Closed rear? Check. Closed front? Check. 10’2” spread? Check. Cali and Can legal? Check. One trailer can indeed tick all the boxes.

Antares trailers use replaceable parts

Change out a kingpin nest in the middle of the oil patch with a socket and a torque wrench. Or the front skirt. Or the rear skirt. Back bumper. Corner assemblies. No torching, welding, or painting required. (No downtime required either.)

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